Greetings CWL members and friends:

Welcome to the final edition of the provincial newsletter by the 2010-2012 provincial executive.  I would like to thank Rosa Lam, the outgoing provincial communications chairperson, for all the work she did these last two years on our newsletter.  You will notice that we have tried something new with this issue by posting it on our provincial website.  By doing this, we hope to reach more members and also help the environment by printing less copies.  This issue contains the oral reports given by the provincial executive and the diocesan and single council presidents at the 2013 provincial convention.  Take a few minutes to read them over to get an idea of what the CWL in Quebec has been doing the last few months.

We started our new League theme “We Have Seen the Lord” in January and I look forward to hearing how our Quebec councils will incorporate this theme in their activities in the next two years.  “Catch  Fire” is also going strong in the province and, if you haven’t experienced it yet, mark your calendar for either September 14th (Two Mountains) or October 19th (Montreal) if you want to attend a session.

Regina is the site of our national convention this August and I will be attending as a “regular” member this year and will be cheering loudly as our new Quebec provincial president, Suzanne Wiseman, gives her report and represents us at the meetings.  She will be great!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support these past two years.  It has been an honour serving the CWL as Quebec provincial president.  Have a wonderful summer!

Janet McLean, Quebec Provincial President

22nd May 2013