Christian Family Life Oral Report Thursday, May 23 2013 

Christian Family Life

Our National Christian Family Life Chairperson wrote a beautiful article in our spring Canadian League magazine on “Today I saw Jesus” in keeping with our national theme “ We have seen the Lord”.   I began to think about where or when I have seen Jesus lately in my life.  When I take the metro for my yoga class I often see a fellow who has only one arm.  He is a bit unkempt and often shouts out to get people’s attention.  I did stop and give him a loonie and he gave me a big smile and a merci.   This week I took my two year old grandson to the park and he was delighted to name all the sand toys that he piled into his wagon and he insisted on pulling the wagon himself.  When we got home I could feel the delight in his eyes as he pointed out all the things he knew when I read him the story of the Gingerbread Cookie.  I realize that I see Jesus everyday but often do not take the time to realize it and thank Him.

Our new Pope Francis will be attending World Youth Days in Rio de Janeiro from July 22nd to July 28th.  The Pope will meet slum-dwellers and powerful politicians, pay homage at the Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, Brazil. The largest part of his time will be devoted to World Youth Day events.  We can all pray for the success of his mission with our young people.

On the 4th Sunday of Easter we marked the 50th World Day of Prayer for vocations.  The Second Vatican Council teaches us that through baptism all Christians are called to holiness by God who calls us to a specific vocation.  Vocation is a gift of God to all the baptized who are invited to respond.  We all have a unique role in building up God’s Church and God’s reign on earth.

In June, Mater Care International will begin operating the maternity hospital in Isiolo, Kenya which will provide the safe delivery of 1,500 pregnancies each year.  Any financial support we can send Dr. Wally to maintain this hospital would be much appreciated.

On May 9th three of us from my council wearing our CWL scarves attended the National March for Life in Ottawa.  We joined a group of Diocesan ladies from Ottawa who proudly held a Catholic Women’s League of Canada banner.  On Parliament Hill MP’s Stephen Woodsworth and Mark Warawa flanked by 19 other Tory MP’s spoke briefly but forcefully in support of pro-life.  Archbishops Terry Prendergast of Ottawa and Christian Lepine of Montreal presided and gave the homily at the Pro-Life Mass in Notre Dame Cathedral.  We were so pleased to see so many young people at the Mass and in the March standing up for the rights of the unborn.

On May 11th along with Ethel Gravelle, Quebec Provincial Chairperson of Resolutions & Legislation, I attended a symposium on how to better understand why it is important to oppose the legalization of euthanasia.  The talks were given by the Physicians’ Alliance for Total Refusal of Euthanasia.  All the presentations mostly in French helped to build awareness around the risks inherent in legalizing physician-assisted death.  Dr. Balfour Mount who pioneered palliative care at the Royal Victoria Hospital 40 years ago said the debate is misunderstood and the public needs reassurance.  He gave two examples from his practice on how he was able by asking questions and by taking the time to extract the nature of the suffering patient.  In one case the gentleman broke down and admitted he only wanted to be euthanized because he didn’t want to be a burden on his family. At the end of his presentation, Dr. Mount received a standing ovation.  He is truly a man with great compassion for the sick and vulnerable.

Please email, write or call your member of the National Assembly and be pro-active in talking to your family, friends and neighbors that legalizing euthanasia will be a colossal and dangerous mistake.

This concludes my report,

Patricia Hannan

Quebec Provincial Christian Family Life Chairpers


Springtime March (against euthanasia) Saturday, May 11 2013 

Please consult the COLF website and do what you can to
encourage members to go to the “Springtime March” in Quebec city on
May 18th.
Don’t forget that there is a half a day symposium by renowned doctors
this Saturday, May 11th
8:30 to 12:45
Centre Mt. Royal (Metro Peel)
2200 Mansfield, Montreal
Dr. Balfour Mount will be presenting:
“Euthanasia: Well intentioned but a collossal and dangerous mistake”
Free admission. Everyone is welcome
We need to show our support.
Patricia Hannan