official website Charter of Qc Values Monday, Sep 30 2013 

official website Charter of Qc Values


The Qc Bishops regarding the Charter of Values(secularism) Monday, Sep 30 2013 

(Vatican Radio)  Catholic bishops in the Canadian province of Quebec have criticized a proposed law banning public employees from wearing conspicuous religious symbols. They say the ban contained in the Quebec government’s proposed Charter of Values is going too far and could backfire. Susy Hodges spoke to the Archbishop of Montreal, Christian Lépine, to find out more about the bishops’ reservations concerning this plan.
Listen to the full interview with Archbishop Lépine: 
Archbishop Lépine says Quebec’s Catholic bishops are all united in their opposition to this proposed ban on religious symbols calling it “too strong”  and going “too far.”   He says in a democracy people should have “the freedom to be who they are. “We have to learn to relate to each other,” he says, and not impose excessive controls on people. 
The archbishop also believes the proposed law would have a particularly negative impact on Muslim women who wear veils and on religious sisters who, for example, would not be allowed to wear their habits and veils if they worked with children in a kindergarten.  Asked about the reaction from lay Catholics and the public to the government’s plan to ban religious symbols, Archbishop Lépine says there is a lot of “confusion” over the true nature of secularism  and what it means.  He says there is a secularism which is open to the “concept of religious freedom” and welcomes “the diversity of beliefs” and then there is a secularism where people want to remove religion entirely  from the public sphere.    

Words from the Provincial Communications Chairperson Thursday, May 23 2013 

Word from the Communications Chairperson.


During these past two years, 6 issues of “Communicating with League” were published. In the process of doing this function, I acquired some editing skills and, above all, I perfected my nagging skills.

It felt good to receive thanks from some members, it meant that they read and liked it.

To print the newsletter the Provincial Council had to spend a bit of money. Unfortunately, we feel that the newsletter was not being read in some councils, and for this reason, it was not worth the expense and effort to continue publishing it. This brought us to the decision to print very few copies of the newsletter this time and create an Internet Blog for the news and reports from parishes, dioceses and the provincial executive. It will be up to the new Communications Chairperson to continue the upkeep of the Blog.  Thank you to Ingrid for initiating me into the blogging world.

I prepared a CD with all the issues of the newsletter as well as a document of how to log into the Blog. We also have a Twitter account that we hope will be followed by all of you.

I really enjoyed doing “Communicating with League”. I felt connected to all the Single Councils, Diocesan presidents and all the Provincial executives. Sorry to have nagged you so much, but the job had to be done.

Thank you for all your support and for making possible the publication of “Communicating with League” newsletter.


Rosa Lam

Communications Chairperson


Communications Oral Report Thursday, May 23 2013 

Communications Oral Report


Madam President,

From January to May two issues of “Communicating with League “, newsletters were published, February 6th, 2013 and the Convention edition May 2013.

On January 16th, 2013, a communiqué was sent to all Communications Chairpersons, copy to all Diocesan Presidents, single Council Presidents and Provincial executives, with an invitation to share their stories and write articles about their experience with “Catch the fire” of Communicating with League for February 15th, 2012.

The convention edition highlights oral reports presented at this convention by the provincial executive, diocesan and single council presidents. Thank you to all for sending in your reports.

On May 12th , the Church commemorated the 47th World Communications Day. As has been customary since 1986, the papal message for the day “Social Networks: portals of truth and faith; new spaces for evangelization” was released on January 24th  by Pope Emeritus  Benedict XVI . This day celebrates St. Francis de Sales, the patron saint of journalists. In the message, the former pontiff, who opened the first papal Twitter account at the end of last year, invites people to appreciate the potential of social media sites and urges believers, in this Year of Faith, to consider how their presence on these networks can help spread the Gospel message of God’s love for all people.

Pope Francis is also conscious of this, so this year he is moving into something that is relatively recent, the social networks, which have become a distinguishing feature of how communication happens….

The Catholic women’s League of Canada also appreciates the potential of social media and has launched accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You need to have accounts in both to be able to access the League accounts. For Facebook: in your browser go to Sign in to facebook, or create an account.  Type Catholic Women’s League of Canada in the search box at the top, you will be directed to the league’s page. One thing you should do once on the page is to press “Like” (it shows how many people have visited and “Liked” the League’s page.

For twitter: in your browser goto  Sign in to Twitter, or crate an account. Your twitter name starts with @. Type @CWLNational in the Find Friends box. Follow @CWLNational for updates and tweet  League news to add your own comments.

 Be League, the monthly e-newsletter is published on the National web site. The editiorial board is looking for submissions and is highlighting stories from each province in alphabetical order, month by month. Submissions are due by the end of the each month. Quebec will be highlighted in the December issue. Your submission to this issue should be sent before the end of November.

The Quebec Provincial Council is also following the social media trend. Our WordPress Blog is being launched today. All oral reports will be included. We also have a Twitter account (@Cwlquebec).

To see our blog, type in your browser Please visit the blog and give us your comments

For twitter, sign in. In the “Search twitter” box, type: @Cwlquebec. You can also follow us from your twitter account.

This, concludes my report.


Rosa Lam

Provincial Communications Chairperson


Communications Communique Monday, May 13 2013 

Communications Communiqué # 5:
Quebec Provincial Newsletter ” Communicating with League”, May 2013 issue.

To: Diocesan Presidents, Single Council Presidents, Provincial Executives.

Your submissions should consist of the short oral report that you are presenting at the Provincial Convention on Saturday May 25th. Report should be on activities that took place between January to the end of the season. Please send your report ASAP.

Final Deadline to submit oral reports is May 15, 2013.

From our spiritual advisor Sunday, Mar 17 2013 

cropped-pope_francis_bow2.jpgGood Morning

This has certainly been an interesting week. The highlight, the election of our new Pope, From the America’s. I am grateful for the wonderful coverage on a lot of the media, so much, so good and positive (mostly) He seems to be a gentle, compassionate man.

I am suggesting that each council or several councils together offer a Mass of Thanksgiving. Resources are available in the Roman Missal. Also, I suggest, if posible, to use the readings for the Mass for St. Francis of Asissi. It would be a nice gesture to make some sort of offering to the poor at that Mass; food, clothing for various shelters, cash donations…

Prayer cards have been made for the new Pope. I don’t know any details on how to order them. I imagine they will be on the CCCB website.

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter season.

Fr. John

Wonderful news! Saturday, Mar 16 2013 

National President Betty Anne Brown Davidson will be attending the Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis as a guest of the Governor General!