Communiqué from the Provincial President Monday, Sep 30 2013 

Greetings to each one of you!  Summer is ended and a new year begins.  The national convention was wonderful. I was very proud to represent all of you.  The theme: We Have Seen The Lord was well developed throughout all the liturgical services, presentations and reports.  Over 700 members attended.  I held each one of you in my heart as I carried in our Flag with great pride at the opening ceremony.  During the resolution dialogue three resolutions were presented for discussion   followed with a mini workshop on how to prepare a resolution: a very good learning exercise.  Each Eucharistic Celebration and daily liturgy was thought provoking.  We were graced with wonderful short dramatizations; one, the three Marys: Mary of Nazareth, Mary of Magdala and Mary of the CWL; the other, the women at the tomb. We heard four honorary life members tell their personal story on how they had seen The Lord. Each one was awesome!  Father Bill Burke from the USA spoke on the year of Faith. He explained that Faith is born of an encounter with the living God upon which we can lean on.  He challenged us to reclaim Sunday as the day of Our Lord.  I was particularly inspired with Sr. Fay Trombley’s experience, north of the Arctic Circle in Tuktoyaktuk NT.  Her description of the many years of service with the Inuit and Inuvialuit peoples has left me with a strong desire to go there some day.          

 I have returned from convention determined to serve The League with much joy.  I hope to instill this in you. I am convinced that the CWL is a very special organization in which our faith is enriched by the people we encounter.  Together we can make a difference. Let us not be afraid to change our ways and maybe discover that we are enjoying ourselves.  Looking forward to seeing many of you throughout this year!

This fall we already have a few Catch The Fire presentations scheduled.  Our intention is to continue reaching out to all regions of Quebec.  Speak with your members and give us a few dates that would work for you.  Our facilitators are eager to present.

Regarding the mid-term meeting Sat. Sept 28th, your presence is much need but if you are unable to attend or send a representative please let me know.



Greetings from Provincial President Thursday, May 23 2013 

Greetings CWL members and friends:

Welcome to the final edition of the provincial newsletter by the 2010-2012 provincial executive.  I would like to thank Rosa Lam, the outgoing provincial communications chairperson, for all the work she did these last two years on our newsletter.  You will notice that we have tried something new with this issue by posting it on our provincial website.  By doing this, we hope to reach more members and also help the environment by printing less copies.  This issue contains the oral reports given by the provincial executive and the diocesan and single council presidents at the 2013 provincial convention.  Take a few minutes to read them over to get an idea of what the CWL in Quebec has been doing the last few months.

We started our new League theme “We Have Seen the Lord” in January and I look forward to hearing how our Quebec councils will incorporate this theme in their activities in the next two years.  “Catch  Fire” is also going strong in the province and, if you haven’t experienced it yet, mark your calendar for either September 14th (Two Mountains) or October 19th (Montreal) if you want to attend a session.

Regina is the site of our national convention this August and I will be attending as a “regular” member this year and will be cheering loudly as our new Quebec provincial president, Suzanne Wiseman, gives her report and represents us at the meetings.  She will be great!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support these past two years.  It has been an honour serving the CWL as Quebec provincial president.  Have a wonderful summer!

Janet McLean, Quebec Provincial President

22nd May 2013

Quebec Provincial President Oral Report Thursday, May 23 2013 

Quebec Provincial President’s Report

My last five months as Quebec president have been busy, uplifting and fun.  As one of the Quebec presenters for the national leadership workshop “Catch the Fire” I took part in the three training sessions held this winter in Montreal, Huntingdon and Chateauguay.  My League knowledge has been increased by leading these sessions and I would like to thank my co-presenters, Ingrid Lefort, Suzanne Wiseman, Diane Lemay, Dorothy Guha, Linda Chisholm and Beverley Baxter for their dedication and hard work.   We will continue with our presentations in the fall.

I attended my last national mid-term meeting at the beginning of March.  Many important issues are discussed, decisions are made and information is shared at these meetings.  Parish presidents and chairpersons – when you receive information from your national counterparts, please make sure you pass it on to your members.  We have a very dedicated national executive who work hard to promote our League objectives through programmes, suggestions and materials for the use and enrichment of all CWL members.  My two years as part of the national executive were very enriching for me personally as I learned much about the League from the wonderful ladies (and Bishop Currie) with whom I served.  When you are asked to be a part of the executive in your parish council, ask our Lady of Good Counsel for guidance, and say “Yes”.  There will be work involved, jobs to do and reports to write but the rewards and friendships (and even the difficulties and frustrations) are life-changing.

Together with three other members, I took part in a meeting which provincial resolutions chair, Ethel, had for the preparation of a resolution regarding the Quebec government’s proposed “Physician Assisted Suicide” bill.  I also worked with communications chair, Rosa, and spiritual development chair, Ingrid on setting up our new provincial website.

During the past year, members of the provincial executive have kept us abreast of different subjects of concern to all CWL members, including Quebec’s Bill 14, the human trafficking situation and the euthanasia and assisted suicide proposals.  Keeping informed and being able to act on issues like this is one of the great advantages of CWL membership because we can obtain facts from a catholic perspective about secular issues which affect us all.

These last few months, I have worked closely with the CWL members in the diocese of Quebec for the planning of this convention.  I have enjoyed getting to know these ladies better and I am impressed by all they do.  The Quebec diocesan council will be disbanded in June so the presidents of the two parish councils in the diocese of Quebec, St. Patrick’s and St. Joseph’s, will be joining us at the provincial table in the fall.  I guess St. Joseph and St. Patrick are favorite saints of Quebec Catholics as we already have two councils with the same names on the provincial executive (although I believe that St. Patrick’s Church in Quebec City was actually named after the first pastor, Patrick McMahon)!

Our new national theme, We Have Seen the Lord, is an opportunity for us to strengthen, share and practice our faith, both spiritually and temporally, and I can think of no better way to do this than journeying together with you as a member of The Catholic Women’s League of Canada.  May Our Lady of Good Counsel bless us all.

Janet McLean, Quebec Provincial President

A word from the president Saturday, Mar 16 2013 

Welcome to the Quebec provincial web page! I want to extend a big thank you to Ingrid Le Fort for her fantastic help it getting us started.   Also thanks to Rosa Lam, provincial communications chairperson, for all her work in collecting reports from the chairpersons.  We are taking baby steps at the moment and welcome comments and suggestions from members. To contact us e-mail

Wonderful news! Saturday, Mar 16 2013 

National President Betty Anne Brown Davidson will be attending the Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis as a guest of the Governor General!

Habemus Papam! Friday, Mar 15 2013 

A new time for our Church, soon it will be the Easter season, we will have this new website to keep up to date and follow all that is happening within our provincial CWL.