Quebec Provincial Life Member Liaison Annual Oral Report

Provincial Convention

May 24-26, 2013

Madam President,

Thank you, Janet, for asking me to be our Provincial Liaison.  It has been a pleasure and a humbling experience.

Being a Life Member in Quebec is taken quite seriously and we feel very proud to be one.  Most importantly is the sharing, caring and mentoring of our Quebec members.   We also bond with our sisters across Canada with everyday concerns in our personal lives.  We are there for each other! And if that is not enough, when I asked the question, besides your service to the League, what else are you doing, their response was unbelievable.  I really needed a private secretary to take notes, just kidding, but if you have read my annual written report you will understand why I joke about this.  Busy, busy ladies!

Some of our Life Members were celebrated this year.  In January, Frances was given a plaque celebrating her 70 years as a member.  Marie-Lucie received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.   Two couples will celebrate their wedding anniversaries.  Yolande and Vic will be celebrating 60 years of marriage very shortly and Lorette and Christopher will celebrate 50 years of marriage in September.  And as many of you know by now Maureen celebrated her 70th birthday yesterday.  Oops, was that a secret, Maureen?

Shirley, one of our Life Members from Montreal moved to Ottawa.  While, we were sad to hear the news, we were very happy for her to be near her family and grandchildren.  May you be blessed with health and happiness!

The Provincial Executive approved a motion to treat the Quebec Life Members to their Life Member luncheon at this convention, again this year. This is the second year!  We appreciate this kind gesture and on behalf of all of us, I would like to thank you for thinking of us.

I want you to know that Life Members are at your call, we are here for you.  We have experience and knowledge of the League and would be glad to share it with you.  You are never to feel alone!

I wish you all the best. Have a great convention!

Ellen Peterkin

Provincial Life Member Liaison