Highlights of the workshop Wednesday, Mar 16 2016 

Are you wondering why people are holding balloons in the video? They were becoming aware of their fears and letting them go.

The next provincial workshop will be held during the annual convention. Don’t miss it!


Provincial workshop March 5th in Chateauguay Saturday, Feb 27 2016 

Join us for a Leadership workshop on Saturday March 5th at 9 am at the Manoir d’Youville. Bring your own lunch or buy lunch at the cafeteria. There is no cost to participate but to help prepare materials you can sign-up by contacting Linda Chisolm our organization chairperson.


Greetings to all of you. Last July, as I accompanied a group of students to World Youth Day in Brazil, I prayed for all our CWL members in Quebec.
This past august I attended the National convention in Regina along with a few others from our province. As many asked me if I was on the provincial executive, I often answered, yes I am now organization chair, they would squint and wait then ask, does that mean that you are president-elect and I would teasingly reply yes, but I think I prefer to say organization.
Just between us, it is not so scary to imagine in a few years being provincial president for two reasons, the first is that I can count on a great team of ladies on the provincial executive including the past presidents Janet and Diane, the second is that I find the role of organization to be a little scarier as it comes with quite the workload, at least it seems that way.
I spent the week rereading the manuals for organization, thinking about the annual reports, your reports and praying for God’s inspiration to constantly build up his church, with the help of all you sisters in the League.

I would like to try a new format for our provincial annual report book, based on evaluations from last year and also so that we can simplify the work that each report requires. Hopefully this will allow us to spend less time on simplified reports and spend more time on other parish and league priorities.
There will be a sample report sent to you (giving you a preview of what it will look like in the report book) as well as what is expected. Many of it will be checklists and some of it will be writing.
If you wish help filling out there will be the possibility of a phone buddy to go through it with you.

Catch the fire
The workshops held last year were a wonderful experience. We hope to host quite a few in the fall as well as during the year. We hope that all members able to attend will have experienced this unique workshop. Our team of facilitators have also enjoyed working as a team to learn and pray with the members we meet.

Workshops on different themes will be offered during the year, in different regions, they will be open to any member wishing to attend. Once the schedule has been established it will be sent to you and also posted on the website.

Life members
In collaboration with our provincial life member liason, Diane Lemay, she will be contacting them to see in what ways they may be willing to contribute to the needs of the League as well as asking them about what kind of spiritual nourishment they might appreciate to have as a group.
Recruiting members

New members’ kits:  I am hoping to find out how many of you offer a new member kit to your new members and what is inside the kit. I will also create a few sample kits that you may wish to use or perhaps request from provincial for your new members.
Youtube videos : as we continue improving our website and communications, if we have some people willing to work on a new project, we will create a series of videos to encourage both leadership and active membership.

During my two years as organization chair I hope to contribute to building teams and teamwork, strengthen leadership, establish some new ways of doing things that are essential, as well as find visual ways to keep track of our roots and our history.
I am inviting all of you to join me as pilgrims of the Risen Christ. We must journey together and search answers together for the good of our word, our society, our parishes and our families. I hope that we will try new things, reach out to new people and help strengthen one another in the call we have each received since the day of our baptism.

Ingrid Le Fort


Organization Oral Report Thursday, May 23 2013 





This has been a year filled with FIRE!  The preparation and presentation of several CATCH THE FIRE workshops has been the focus of this year.  I have felt the excitement of those attending and feel confident that CWL in Quebec will take a new turn.  A few workshops have already been scheduled for the fall. Our objective is that as many members as possible experience CATCH THE FIRE.

In 2012 we had a decrease of 113 members. This can be explained in part with the closing of one council of which several of its members for various reasons did not to transfer their membership to another council. We need to get back to our roots, learn more about our organization and not be afraid to embrace the future.  I like to think that enjoyment in life is a key factor to any personal growth.  Renewing our education in The Catholic Women’s League can help us better appreciate our organization and hopefully attract new members.  Everyday news constantly reminds us that we live in a very secular world.  For me, belonging to the CWL encourages me to live my Faith a little better but mostly it brings me a sense of inner peace and gratitude knowing that I can always count on support from my sisters in League .

I thank all the organization chairpersons for their annual reports.  As I read each one I can say that I HAVE SEEN THE LORD. You have accomplished so many good things for our brothers and sisters.  Incredible!

I would like to challenge all CWL member of this BelleProvince to take time to rediscover each woman in her council and to reach out to those that did not renew. This might teach us how to keep our FIRE BURNING.

In closing, I should mention that these two years have been a wonderful learning experience.  I have increased my skills on the computer and I thank all of you for your generous support.

Suzanne Wiseman

Organization Chairperson

Catch the Fire Saturday, Mar 16 2013 

The next “Catch the Fire” leadership training day will be presented, beginning at 9:00 a.m., on Saturday 13th April at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Chateauguay. All women are invited to attend; membership in the CWL is not required. Come and learn about the League, participate in meaningful spiritual services, and share fellowship and fun with other Catholic women. Bring you lunch; coffee and tea will be provided but you are asked to think green and bring your own mug