Resolutions and Legislation

Oral Report

Many thanks to the Chairpersons of Resolutions and Legislation for the wonderful reports.  Thank you also to the Council Presidents who reported on behalf of their council. Councils worked hard this year on past resolutions as well as monitoring legislation

Since January two communiques were sent. People were asked to write letters To Dr.Rejean Hebert,  minister of Health and Social Services. I am happy to report that letters were sent on this topic.

It is a good idea to establish a relationship with your local member of parliament no matter what the political persuasion . Visit the riding office and make yourself known and your views on pertenant topics Send your member of the National Assembly e-mails and write letters to aquaint them with your views . They like to hear from you.

We have seen the Lord working through our Health Care Workers and Doctors who are taking a stand against Physician-Assisted Suicide. With God’s help and our prayers, we hope that the proposed legislation will be defeated.

Keep up the good work to support the most vulnerable in society. Take the bold step next January and take on Resolutions and Legislation.  You will find it very rewarding.

This concludes my report.

Ethel Gravelle