Helping the poorest farmers in Mali who are struggling for food security; progressive community development work with the Métis women of British Columbia; helping the rural poor of Ethiopia to build a healthy, safe, and economically strong future for themselves –  These are only a few examples of how the Coady Institute has equipped leaders to address challenges, discover opportunities, and create sustainable development at the community level not only in developing countries, but also here in Canada. No wonder our National Chairperson of Education and Health, Peggy Roche, dedicated her latest communiqué to the Coady International Institute, which is one of the agencies that receive donations from our members through National Voluntary Remittance. She is pleased to report that in 2012 a donation of over $30,000 was received from the CWL’s National Voluntary Fund.  By choosing to support this program, we members are making a difference in many lives worldwide. She suggested for us, members to contact the Coady International Institute if we wish to apply for scholarships that they are offering.

The Catholic Parents Association of Quebec APCQ ( is an organization that began in the in the 1960’s. It aims to defend the rights of Catholic families by staying informed and putting pressure on the government by gathering and speaking up on topics such as religion in schools. They are also sometimes contacted by the media for a Catholic viewpoint. They have a newspaper “Famille Quebec” and will be hosting a “congress for the family” in the fall. Please support our members who are active in this organization to ensure that our children benefit from the Catholic education that we wish for them.

There is only one more week left to apply for the National Bursary fund if you are interested in pursuing studies in adult faith formation and/or youth ministry and need financial assistance, as the deadline is May 31st.

Finally, if you can spare 4 hours this summer, contact your local CLSC and find out where they can direct you to a course on Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Not only will you be equipped if ever the need arises, but you will also learn about how to better manage your health.

Beloved, I hope you are prospering in every respect and are in good health, just as your soul is prospering. 3 John 1:2


Respectfully submitted:

Elvie Parayno

Education & Health