Provincial dinner @ Regina convention Wednesday, Aug 14 2013 

Though we only had a handful of cwl members from our province present at the Regina convention, the Lord doubled our numbers for our provincial dinner. We had a few people from Ontario, one who knew Janet from the Holy Land, another who had previously been a member in a Quebec council. There weretwo cwl husbands present as well as two members from other provinces who had accompanied Lorette to the sunset RCMP event.
The provincial dinner is a fun time during the national where we meet those that come from the same part of the world as us, though not necessarily from the same council. It is a time to put the business aside and celebrate one another’s presence, discover the local customs as a group and occasionally share dreams of what we can do and take back when we GO BACK …home . 🙂

As a small group, the organization chair chose a restaurant but steps away from the hotel. After studying several restaurants and menus online she chose the restaurant that allowed for diversity in affordable home cooking. Perogies, fish and chips or liver and onions…just to name a few.
For those who love getting dressed up for dinner, well that would have to wait for the banquet, our dinner was held in a transformed train wagon. To our joy, at the other end of the train was the provincial dinner for Nova Scotia.

Our evening started out with a short introduction to the two games that would allow the Lord to speak to each of us in a unique way. We heard speak of 4 saints and how they stood out as King, Knight or fools… We also remembered the gospel reading that tells of a fish with a coin in its mouth… throughout the evening we shared stories, bartered potatoes, and got to know one another in a short evening. No one went home empty handed. Some won a unique blend of tea, a free meal, a plastic fish, a rosary, and all left with a full stomach! We even got to know our waiter, Rob, who stayed overtime to serve us dessert and coffee.
We were unable to agree upon whom among us had chosen the best meal. Our provincial president Suzanne, in our game, was dealt the joker, the wild card. Perhaps the Lord is affirming her call…God casts down the mighty and lifts up the lowly… That evening Suzanne was affirmed and blessed by the Lord over one hundred times. And her message to us : may you all follow suit…and Vive the Cwl in Quebec!


Video of Quebec members @ Regina convention Tuesday, Aug 13 2013 

CWL National convention in Regina Monday, Aug 12 2013 

A small delegation from the province of QueBec has arrived in Regina for the 93rd National convention. Our new provincial president, Suzanne, our past president, Janet, our life member liason, Diane, honourary life member, Lorette, and two accredited provincial delegates Linda and Ingrid.
The convention began with a country hoedown, a time for fun, food, mingling and dancing- for some.

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On the Sunday, some members took a tour of the RCMP. Of course our provincial president was quite busy with meetings and quite a bit of work related events.
That same evening we had such a wonderful opening mass at the Cathedral here in Regina. So many people, the procession of flags and the O Canada just before the entrance procession a wonderful choir from many parishes, pipe organ, violin and TRUMPET- a very uplifting homily and at the end of the mass we received greetings from many dignataries.
The first day of meetings, we have had much spiritual nourishment!
First we heard Sister Kay from Catholic Missions in Canada speak of her mission up north. Next we heard the testimony of a christian artist. After lunch we had Bishop Weisner speak about women as missionaries in our church. His life-giving words were reaffirming for many of thos present in their respective calls.
The meetings ended with a very emotional, authentic witnessing from four past national presidents speaking to us of when they saw the Lord. Through each account we could hear biblical images, the joys and sufferings of humanity in their personal and family lives as well as the strength and certainty that comes from having seen the Lord. There truly was laughter and tears and a unique time of communion and unity amongst us all, the body of Christ.