Quebec Council Spiritual Development Monday, Sep 30 2013 

Welcome everyone to a new year of activities. Our National Spiritual Development chairperson is Mary Nordick.

Because Spiritual development is our main reason in life, in her communiqué #3 she is inviting us

“To witness our faith and to give loving service to others, members must continue to grow in faith and nurture spiritual life. Prayer is key, and keeps us connected to our loving God and enables us to serve those in need. “

She invites all spiritual development chairpersons to explore unfamiliar formasof prayer to change from the regular routine in our meetings prayers.

Some of the forms of prayers that she suggested are:


“The members of the national executive have been challenged by the national president and national spiritual advisor to try to pray the Hours morning and evening this year. Lectio Divina is a form of prayer that asks us to prayerfully consider scripture. If the rosary is a popular devotion, particularly during the month of October, try other forms such as a social justice focus or a living rosary. If members wish to focus on God’s love and desire for justice for all His children, what better prayer to meditate on than Mary’s Magnificat? Members who attended diocesan, provincial or national conventions, have access to liturgy booklets which are rich resources of prayers based on the theme We Have Seen the Lord!. There are also helpful prayer resources available on the website.

Who and what are we going to pray for? The possibilities are endless. Some ideas to consider are:

• Pope Francis called for prayers and a day of fasting for peace in the troubled country of Syria. The designated day has passed but the need for prayer continues.

• Prayer for peace has been a focus for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on December 12th.

• Many prayer vigils for an end to violence against women are held across Canada on December 6th in commemoration of the Montreal massacre.

• On the last weekend of September The Salvation Army promotes a weekend of prayer to end human trafficking. Please check the resources available at 

• The month of November is a time to remember and pray for those who have entered eternal life.

The theme We have Seen the Lord! encourages members to tell their stories of seeing the Lord in their lives. Consider sharing a few stories at each meeting or consider having an evening social and faith sharing time. “

Are you up to the challenge? Lets pray together. May Our Lady of Good Counsel protect you.

Rosa Lam


Spiritual Development Oral Report Thursday, May 23 2013 

These past two years have been a wonderful time for me. I have come to appreciate the importance of teamwork as part of the provincial council. We have had quite the year as church! So many important things have happened: the 50th anniversary of Vatican II, the year of Faith and a new Pope. Within the League we have also had a new workshop, though it was built on parts of past workshops, it truly innovates in its way of weaving prayer, sharing and education seamlessly throughout the experience. Spiritual development can be a somewhat easy committee to chair for a few reasons: we can rely on such a rich tradition- the Bible, our Mass and liturgical year, our own League prayers; we also have a Spiritual Advisor who carries the same spiritual concerns for the League and who can act as a guide for all.

What then is challenging for us? There are two things, in my experience. The first is to not cut out the prayer or rush it because we have too much work to get done or many other excuses. In all honesty it has happened to me on occasion, though I try to be more aware of this and avoid doing so. Second, and maybe this is my Girl Guide training shining forth, is to be ready (or be prepared as we would say).  Always be ready to offer a prayerful suggestion: unexpected difficulties, mourning, loss, joy, thanksgiving- any and all of these situations invite us to turn to God and share what we are going through, as a council, as a parish, as a team. What if Father is delayed and cannot be at the meeting, what if you had an elaborate prayer prepared and the photocopier stopped working. ..

Be ready to take on your role, in the most simple manner- a moment of silence, the League prayer, said by all, said by one for us all, said by someone else if you have a headache. We have seen the Lord, we know He is present amongst, waiting to guide us. What a wonderful role to be able to remind others, and ourselves, of God’s love. And what happens if we forget to say our prayer as a group? Then you can say it in your head, with a sense of peace. I must admit that the other chairs address many of the problems in our society as well as defending the ideals and values we share. We are all women of prayer, let us carry these joys and burdens together. I wish to thank each league member I have met this year, no matter where and what circumstances. You have helped me to love God more and to see his Face in each of you.

Ingrid LeFort

Spiritual Development

From our spiritual advisor Sunday, Mar 17 2013 

cropped-pope_francis_bow2.jpgGood Morning

This has certainly been an interesting week. The highlight, the election of our new Pope, From the America’s. I am grateful for the wonderful coverage on a lot of the media, so much, so good and positive (mostly) He seems to be a gentle, compassionate man.

I am suggesting that each council or several councils together offer a Mass of Thanksgiving. Resources are available in the Roman Missal. Also, I suggest, if posible, to use the readings for the Mass for St. Francis of Asissi. It would be a nice gesture to make some sort of offering to the poor at that Mass; food, clothing for various shelters, cash donations…

Prayer cards have been made for the new Pope. I don’t know any details on how to order them. I imagine they will be on the CCCB website.

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter season.

Fr. John

Habemus Papam! Friday, Mar 15 2013 

A new time for our Church, soon it will be the Easter season, we will have this new website to keep up to date and follow all that is happening within our provincial CWL.