75 years of Saint Clare’s council in Longueuil Tuesday, Dec 3 2013 


Our Lady of Good Counsel – Sherbrooke Wednesday, May 22 2013 

SHERBROOKE-Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish Council

Convention, May 2013


One new member joined in January. A successful fundraising brunch was held in February. In April a few members met and devised a mini survey on members’ interest in the League, favorable meeting time, etc.  The results will be compiled and action taken if deemed possible. So far we note that members think the Council should be more spiritual and more visible. The feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel was remembered with a Mass on May 4 followed by a Pizza Supper.

We circulated a petition at the Parish opposing the Gov’t’s upcoming Bill on euthanasia.

One member helped with the preparation of children for First Communion and Confirmation. Members prayed for the children who made their First Communion in May. Confirmation will be held in June.  We also pray for all families during these troubling times.

Visits and phone calls continue to be made to those who are sick or unable to be out for other reasons.  Cards are sent to the bereaved or to mark special birthdays. Volunteers are faithful to their posts, i.e.–hospital visiting, working at the Geriatric institute (leading Bingo, manning the Hospitality Shop ) serving/ helping in the Parish, giving rides….

I ask you to pray for our council on June 8, 10 o’clock when we hope to fill some executive positions.  Our members are willing and generous with help when required but are hesitant to take executive positions.

Summer activities will be more social just to keep in touch.

                                                                                                                        -Priscilla Noonan

St. Joseph – Huntingdon Wednesday, May 22 2013 

Catholic Women’s League of Canada

St. Joseph’s Parish, Huntingdon, Quebec


In January, we started off the year with the reaffirmation of officers at Sunday mass. We also had the opportunity to attend the Catch the Fire workshop which was fantastic!  In February, we held our annual St. Valentine’s Day Military Whist which was successful with comments made about how the C.W.L. ladies always manage to bring the wine for the raffle table!  In March, we had members make cupcakes for the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Arts & Crafts at the Huntingdon Legion.  This is always greatly appreciated because it adds a personal touch to our community.  In April, five new members were given welcome kits and pins and 25 year pins were also given out at our annual Pot Luck Supper.  This is an occasion not to be missed with home cooked meals and a wide array of desserts.  Bishop Noel Simard was present and said mass with Father Clement.  He gave a truly inspiring sermon and was impressed with his first experience of attending this event.   Three days after our pot luck supper, we paid our last respects to a long serving member and past president, Marilyn Tremblay.  We held an honour guard of eight members with two members holding the CWL banner at her graveside service and recited the prayer of intentions.  This beautiful sunny day ceremony was followed by a lunch prepared and served by our members.

In May, we will be reciting the Rosary two evenings and will be giving all women Mother’s Day flowers as they enter church for Sunday mass.  This year will be the 150th anniversary of St. Joseph’s parish and we will be participating in upcoming events.


Respectfully Submitted,


Kathleen Hackett

President, Huntingdon C.W.L. Council


St. Patrick – Granby Wednesday, May 22 2013 


Oral Report –may 24-26,2013


Throughout January we held our annual membership drive. This year we signed up one new member and re-signed 1 other member. A list of the members names and the year they  joined the League was prepared and distributed to the members. We held our annual Potluck Dinner , which is always held around Valentines Day so that members may invite their husbands and friends, this event is always a great success

Members participated in the Week Of Prayer for Christian Unity and the World Day of Prayer.

One of the donations was made to the Philip Cahill memorial fund, Parkview School-all round student.

Our CWL Annual Bake Sale was a great success, great turn-out and great homemade food.

This year our Past President was named volunteer of the year for the Centre de Benevolat de Granby, where several members attended to see her receive her award.

This year we changed our  account to another Bank for much better service.

The first Sunday in May is dedicated to Our Lady of Good Counsel and to our CWL benefactress Annie Durocher. At this time two members were presented with their 25 year pins.

Our Annual closing Banquet is held in a restaurant, immediately following the last Meet and Greet in early June after Mass in the church hall. This is to gather all parishioners for a send -off  to a Happy and safe summer vacation.


Looking forward to attending Provincial Convention in Quebec City.


May God bless all sisters in the League for a safe and Blessed summer,

Elizabeth Timmers, President,

St Patrick’s Council, Granby

Holy Family – Deux Montagnes Wednesday, May 22 2013 

Provincial Convention Report 2013

Madame President,

Last December we celebrated our 60th Anniversary. Lorna and Ellen, two of our life members, organized a lovely dinner in our church hall with beautiful gifts for everyone. We were so pleased that our Provincial President Janet was able to attend and present us with our 60th Anniversary certificate at that time. I would like to Thank Lorna and Ellen for their work and also Thank Janet for being there with us.

During the year we do many fund raisers so that we are able to donate to a number of charities. As well as our Annual donations to the National Voluntary Fund we have increased our donated this year to Holy Family Parish. We helped them by donating towards the many repairs on the church such as, new windows in the rectory and office, a new roof on the rectory and church hall and a new covering on the entry way floor to the church hall. We have had money put aside for some updates to the hall kitchen which we are looking at for this year. One of our Life Members initiated a new project of giving books of tickets for people in our area who use the handicapped transportation. We donated 10 books of ticket at the beginning of December. As our motto is for God and Country we give a monetary gift to the recipient of the History award at our local high school.

Our members work in many different areas of the church. To mention a few we have:

Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Liturgy with the children, Parish Council, Board of Wardens, Alter Guild, Preparation for First Communion and Confirmation with the Faith First Program, Choir, Liturgical Banners and Visitation to the sick.

I am coming to the end of my term but would like to Thank everyone for their help and patience along the way.

This concludes my report,

Brenda Capogreco

President/Holy Family Parish Council

Deux Montagnes


Holy Cross – Rosemere Wednesday, May 22 2013 




JANUARY 1, 2012-DECEMBER 31, 2012

 The World Day of Prayer was held in our Parish Hall this year. Representatives from the Anglican and UnitedChurches joined us. Our Parish Priest, Father Jean Yves Isabel, led the prayers and even recited some prayers in Malay, a language he speaks fluently.

Souvenirs for the 39 children taking First Communion and the 42 young people being Confirmed were purchased by the CWL.

We presented a bursary of $100 to a RosemereHigh School student in recognition of her community work. We were also made aware of the importance of vaccination for seniors.

The Parish Food Shelf for which the CWL is responsible contributes foodstuffs to Labre House, a day centre for the homeless. We donated $100 to the Development & Peace Campaign to Alleviate Starvation in West Africa. This amount was matched by the Federal Government.

We were made aware of the CWL delegation to Ottawa.  Our members’ letter-writing campaign has raised awareness of issues such as the fate of Aboriginal women and their children, hoping it helps bring about changes in policy.

Throughout the past year we have held bingos, bake sales, military Whist’s and wine and cheese parties. This year, our large Bazaar brought in $5000, of which 60% was donated to the Parish. We donated $500 to Father Isabel, who used the funds to purchase a computer to help with communications and record keeping for the Faith-First program. We also purchased a number of new chairs for the Parish Hall. These were required to accommodate the large number of mothers, fathers and children participating in Faith-First. Our “Catch the Fire” training will be held in September 2013.

Respectfully submitted.

Theresa Delli-Colli, President



Our Lady of Perpetual Help – Chateuguay Wednesday, May 22 2013 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

                             Dale Osmond, President – 2013-2014

  Madame President, and all my sisters in the League, my name is Dale Osmond and I come from the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Chateauguay Quebec.

I have been in the league for 5 years now and the last 2 as recording secretary and in December I was voted president.

On January 20th at the 10:30 mass the executive was installed and Fr. Robert our pastor and spiritual advisor spoke to the congregation about the importance of the CWL in our parish.

On February 6 we had our Annual CWL dinner and the theme for the evening was – wear a hat, we were 30 ladies and we had a wonderful time at le Vieux Duluth and pins were given out for 10 year anniversary and two of our ladies received 25 year pins.  We all had a very wonderful time as we gave a new member Tanya Van der Knaap her first CWL pin.  I feel confident that soon we will have more new members.

There are so many activities planned for the parish’s 50 year anniversary that it is difficult to find time for new activities.  In February 2014, it will be the Catholic Women’s League’s 50th Anniversary at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish and we are already planning the festivities.

March was very busy, we had our Hunger Meal, soup and bread, and we raised money for the less fortunate.  We also participated in the Chateauguay St. Patrick’s day Parade on March 24, 2013.  I was so pleased to carry the CWL flag down the main street of Chateauguay, and two of the sisters carried the Canadian and Quebec Flag and as it was Palm Sunday, we waved Palms all along the route.

We sent 10 Easter meals to the Welcome Hall Mission, which we do twice a year.  We also make muffins every month for the High School breakfast program and they are always short of funds and there are always hungry students.

We hosted Catch the Fire on April 13, 2013 and we welcomed 4 ladies from St. Kevin Parish who wanted to see what the CWL was all about and to see if they would could start their own CWL group in their Parish.  For me, Catch the Fire was truly a blessing, as I  understood the importance of women coming together to pray, to fight injustice, and to make a difference in people’s lives.  I am hoping to attend another Catch the Fire in the fall, all CWL members should make a point to attend.